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CPA Patrick B. Kandole

CPA Patrick B. Kandole

FCCA,ACCA, CPA, Msc(Finance), B.Com, Dip. Management; Dip. Industrial relations, Dip. Business Accounting, Cert. Public sector finance.

A certified public Accountant licensed to provide auditing assurance services within Uganda, has been specifically prequalified to audit microfinance institutions, insurance and brokerage companies, cooperative societies, public sector organizations, schools and institutions of higher learning to which services have been equally  extended.

CPA Kandole has been involved in financial management and administration for over 20 years in the public service and private sector, and has excellent skills in management of expenditures, budgeting, cash flow management, internal auditing and external auditing and investigation, Training and Consultancy. He has been a trainer of adult learners at University level and training in-house staff for capacity building. He has participated in several local and international conferences and workshops which have provided him with continual updates in the development of international finance management issues, accounting and auditing standards. Having worked in the public sector, CPA Kandole has a good knowledge of the working of Government, CBOs, NGOs, and is able to interact at all levels of communities and leadership. Working in various regions, districts and towns in Uganda has raised his level of appreciation of cultures nationally and capacity to engage and interact more amicably.

CPA Patrick Kandole has had other training including:

Certificate Training of Trainers in Public Sector Accounting – Institute of Public Administration, Kampala and Glasgow College of Technology; Performance Improvement in Pubic Service (short course) at University of Birmingham; Certificate: Public Finance IMF Institute, Washington DC. ; Continuous Professional development under ACCA and ICPAU; Training in enhancement of performance in the Public Sector, Birmingham University; Course in public Finance at the IMF Institute, Washington, DC, Attachments to high performing Local Governments in the UK with emphasis on Revenue Enhancement and Collection Strategies, expenditure tracking, Value for Money Audits (Kirk lees and Warwick shires, Strathclyde Regional Council); Workshop on Municipal Financing of Municipalities in Developing Countries, World Bank, Washington DC; International conference on Local Government Financing, organized by Institute of Valuation and Rating, Paris. CPA Patrick Kandole has trained quite a number of people at various institutions including Makerere university, Uganda management Institute, Local Government at all levels and has also facilitated quite a number of workshops for projects, central government and local governments and international organisations such as UNDP and World Bank projects.

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